MN Podcast 3 – Life Update/Law School/Outgrowing Self-Limiting Thoughts


Hi Nomaads! It’s been a while since my last podcast. So much is in the midst of changing (ahhhh!) and for once, I’m excited about it. I thought I would give a little life update. In this podcast, I talk about what my last few years in law school meant for me and the ways in which it helped me to grow and better know myself. I also touch upon how my relationship with the fear of growing up, commitment and authentic living has evolved over time.

I am currently working on giving the Millennial Nomaad site & direction a glow up in a way that is more aligned with who I am today and where I want this project to go. As Millennial Nomaad has grown, so have I with it. Now, it’s time to integrate the experience of these past several years and start a new direction with old roots that have been long in the making. As always, I’d love to hear feedback from you all & thank you for roaming with me!

With love & gratitude,