Hello, Nomaads





My name is Elnaz, pronounced (L-Naz). I’m Persian-American, but my name has Turkish roots and translates to “charm of the tribe” or “love of the people.”

I’m fascinated with the changing nature of life and the power of human interaction.

Always curious, always exploring, I find meaning in pursuing a life of fulfillment – realizing that to be whole means embracing the ancient principle of yin & yang. Whether you want to call it good vs. bad, light vs. dark, happy vs. sad, to me it means understanding that we are human beings that navigate life somewhere between the two extremes.

That being said, I’m no guru. Millennial Nomaad is not only about me.

It is about all the people that want to thrive, not just survive day-to-day. It is about learning from one another. It is about overcoming our self-imposed limitations and striving for our own potential.

I hope to roam together and learn together.